Why hire Perry instead of another photographer in the northern New England area?

Because he understands corporate and branding conventions. He gets that images which represent an institution are not captured on the fly--they are crafted to suit an aesthetic or a statement created by an art director, communications director, creative director. He has worked as a commercial photographer for many years ranging from military, newspaper, television news, corporate communications, and higher education...he understands the nuances between news and branding campaigns.

His talent, broad range of skills, and over thirty years of experience are available to you, and everything from his corporate portrait work to his personal work will come to bear on your project. You would not be hiring a photographer/photojournalist who would simply record what he or she sees.

You would be hiring someone who can contribute to the discussion, speak to your needs, and create a narrative or aesthetic to suit those needs. Because he can speak your language, he can add to creative solutions for branding, annual reports, and corporate image libraries for additional collateral material. The end results will not look like everyone else’s stock imagery solutions.

Contact Perry at 603-781-7360 or email: perry@perrysmithphoto.com


Clients include design firms, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Subject matter includes portraits (executive, environmental, group), corporate and industrial workplace, architecture and product. The images have been used in advertising, magazines, capability brochures, annual reports, employee communications, video presentations and websites.